Monday, October 24, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

Hi Y'all. Good to be back. I was in Alaska for a month (will do a blog 'bout that later) and I took off about 5 weeks from my daily dOOdles. In the spirit of Halloween (my favorite), the rest of the drawings for October will be creepy, gross and all that fun stuff.
Chattering vampire teeth, from my toy collection. The teeth don't actually have fangs. Just a lil' artistic licensing in the spirit of Halloween.

Doll hands. I think they're kinda creepy. This one is a full page spread and then I crinkled the paper (see  lower left hand)  while I was erasing the pencil marks. Hate when that happens!

Zombie finger puppets. I have a bunch of these guys and I have drawn them before. These  guys are some of my favorites and I imagine their ugly faces will be showing up again and again.

Ceramic skull beads. I only own one, just wanted to give it someone to chat with.  Not sure where I acquired it. I like skulls and when I had dreads (long time ago) I would entangle these beads in my hair. How hippy punk!

Gauze roll with blood spot. My mom asked me if I had injured myself ( I do frequently) after she saw the doodle. I own lots of first aid supplies. Also, I don't own dirty gauze, again, Halloween embellishment.

Teeth! So many stinkin', bad teeth dreams! Someone once told me it's a sign that you will become wealthy. I just thinks it's plain old anxiety, but the former would be nice.

Worms in skin. Just made this one up. i don't have worms in my house, or skin.

Fake nose with worms, cuts and warts. I collect fake noses. This one was doesn't actually have all the  gross stuff on it.