Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Montana t-shirt

Ok, peeps. I'm gathering ideas for a Montana themed t-shirt. It's going to be a collaboration of ideas (lots of little drawings on the shirt). This means I want to hear from you! I welcome the offbeat and obscure, this is not all about huckleberries and Charles Russell (although, that's cool, too). Foodstuff, icons, landmarks? Weird facts? Impressive statistics? This is Big Sky country, so there's room for all. I would like to print these shirts before the holidays, so if I can gather enough fodder, well, a Montana shirt could be a cool present. Thanks...and oh, you don't have to be Montanan to participate.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

derby name contest.

customized helmet
Well, I hope I'm not jumping the gun, here. I picked a name awhile ago, but I have been waiting to hear back from the registration committee whether it's a go or not. I think it could take awhile, so I would like to announce my derby name anyways, cuz I don't think it's been taken.....KRUSTY SKABZ. Yup, there were so many super funny, super clever, and super gross ones, it was a hard decision. But this one kept jumping out at me and I think it's quite suiting. I have two winners for the joint effort. Thank you to Emily Binard for the Krusty Scabs and to Leigh Munro for the spelling of Skabz. You will both get to pick something out of the Krusty Etsy shop of your liking. Thank you, everyone!!

list of 105 Krusty names

Friday, July 13, 2012

derby name contest.

I recently joined my local derby league (FVRD) and have been skating my butt off since. I have not been on roller skates since I was a kid and have been pleasantly surprised its' kind of like riding a bike. Also, it has been totally kicking my butt. I just passed my level 1 & 2, which means, I now am ready for a derby name! I would love your help in choosing one, so here's the Krusty Derby Name Contest.
A few dumb rules and stuff:

1. The name has to have Krusty in it.
2. The prize goes to the name that is chosen for my derby name.
3. By chance there is not a name that is suiting, a winner will be randomly selected.
4. The prize will be some sort of printed art or apparel.
5. The contest ends in a week, ish.

Here is a link to the international rollergirls' master roster for inspiration and amusement:

Thanks, y'all!

My 1st practice in the brown bombers.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

Spring ahead. Why do we change the clocks again?

My sparkly, shiny lipglosses. I really like the glittery effect.

My slippers sans pattern.

A cord pile. Looks like old phone cords, usb cable thingys. I have been greatly enjoying drawing twisty like things.

Pretel quad.

I found a pile of plastic frogs on the sidewalk while walking the dog. Some small child will not be happy.

The queen of clover. St. Patty's day. Go queen!

Monday, June 18, 2012

paper world.

In my car I listen to an easy listening, oldies am station. My tape deck doesn't work anymore, my itrip broke and it's the only station that doesn't totally annoy me. They play the Carpenters often, whom I grew up with. Nostalgia set in and she became a "daily dOOdle"and then a 2 color screen print. What to do with the misprints? Cut them up for paper world!  It seemed fitting at the time because it's been raining for, like, a month.
Karen resting.

Cutting Karen.

Cutting Karen's hair.

Drawing raindrops for the background.

Behind the scenes with Karen next to my wall of band aid, which has nothing to do with anything.   She looks so alone.

Oh karen. You left us too soon.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

"dailly dOOdle" weekly round-up.

Nuts, bolts, washers, and wingnuts.  I have a huge collection going. Inspiring a repeated pattern for print.

INXS. This was on KEXP this am and I was rockin' out.

Ryan's gun. He's shot a few grouse with this thang.

There was a post/ discussion about the Fishbone documentary. Unfortunately, I never saw them in my youth, but sure listened to them all the freaking time.

Ryan's car keys. I'm starting to oddly enjoy drawing confusing things.

My nail cutting tools. Why there is no hacksaw included, I don't know.

My slippers sans knit pattern. I was in a rush that morning, ok?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

This is more like a 10 day round-up. I'm a bit backed up.
A friend came to town to ride for a few days. He likes the Rumplemintz and this is what he brought over as a sort of housewarming gift. It was a sit around the table kind of night and play card and take shots. I thought I kind of hated this stuff. Reminds me of high school. Like a menthol cigarette that covers up the taste of cigarette butt. But I kind of really like it.

Big ol', circular, bamboo knitting needles. Hats are my obsession which I used to crochet all the time. I generally work in the round but I have never done this with knitting. I still haven't learned. Will somebody please teach me?

My weapons of choice. Black Sharpies are a given, and technical pencils but I always, always have a #08 black prismacolor in hand. Most of my doodles are dome with that guy.

My slip on rocketdog's with stretchy elastic. They are in a red plaid. I spray painted them black but the paint didn't stick so much. They now look...distressed.

My new pimpy sunglasses from Target. They are metal and glass, not plastic! I broke them today and are currently in repair with some Gorilla Glue.

A pattern I don't really care for. I  like the ruler bit, not so much my execution.

Two old, black, vintage bracelets that I own. I used to be covered with jewelry. In my ears, face, on my hands and around my neck. Kind of like Mr. T. Not so much these days.

My lovely makeup brushes. Paint yo face!

Ryan likes lots of sweet things like cake, ice cream  with whipped cream on top. I think I had a shot of this with coffee that morning.

My lovely, sparkly, glittery eyeshadow 4 pack. I apply it with my lovely makeup brushes, not that little, wussy applicator.