Thursday, April 19, 2012

daily dOOdle weekly round-up.

Gooey, chocolate cake. Ryan bought some cake for his grandma's funeral gathering in Idaho. No one ate it, so we brought it back home and I had cake for breakfast.

Multi pack of glue sticks. I thought it was a super deal, but these glue sticks totally suck.  All dried up and don't glue anything together.

I'm a new contact wearer. Sort of. I think they are such a pain in the ass and I want to tear my eyeballs out. So, I don't wear them very much.

Ryan's PBR hat.

A gold goat. Someone corrected me once and told me this is not a goat but I can't recall the actual name.  Anyways, I found it at a thrift shop. It's gold, heavy and goat like.

My brother, Steven, and I got belts together at this leather daddy shop in S.F. He used to live in the castro and it was so much fun going to visit him. I got the super punk rock belt and now it doesn't fit me anymore.

Jewels for Mardi Gras. You can't go anywhere on our ski hill without someone trying to throw beads around your  neck. What the heck, I'll join the party. Fun and confusing to draw.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

paper world.

I made this drawing for an entry to a children's coloring book. Unfortunately, it did not make the cut so I made a copy of it and cut it up.
The aftermath.

I cut a mini city out of the grey paper. I love this paper but it comes in a roll and it's nearly impossible to press flat. I tried but it failed so, oh well.

Behind the scenes.

It's hard to choose a final shot, but I think these are pretty cool.