Monday, November 28, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

A fish counter used by Fish and Game. This is the summer occupation of a friend of mine in Alaska. She stands on the bow of a skiff, while moving, and clicks on this thing when she sees a fish. This information is used for a fish census, to regulate what the fisherman can catch. She says she's a damn good fish counter and she gets to experience some of the most remote waterways in Alaska. I got to keep this counter because the clicker was 

Decoupage, anyone? I was informed that I had previously drawn this glorious, paste-y product. Upon browsing through hundreds of doodles, I could not find it. But it's possible.

A plastic toy zebra without a leg. This is not the first legless animal I have drawn and my best friend's house is an endless source. She has two young boys.

It was dumping this morning. I kind of cheated on this one, because I drew this in the summer, fantasizing about my own cozy, little igloo. I'm not so hot on the heat.

Another snowy morning. I like drawing snowflakes. This one took me a bit of time. I  think it would make a cool repeat pattern.

An ceramic, orange sugar bowl.  Ryan and I discovered this sweet thrift shop, next to the food bank. I just liked the vibe and the people were, well,  people watching material. 

Another Monday. I wanted to write the lyrics to a Karen Carpenter song, but it seemed, you know, too depressing. I've been enjoying this boxy font.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

A deluxe Sanford black marker. A very familiar, unforgettable smell. I quite like it. I added some gray stripes, which usually I just stick to black, but I like the effect.

I love spray paint. Can't go anywhere without a can of hi-gloss black.

A miniature triangular carabiner. I like it's shape. They are super handy for clipping stuff onto other stuff, like a nalgene to a pack.

A black bear beanie baby. My mom sent me this guy when I was  in Alaska. I think I shed a tear when I opened the package cuz' I love this little guy. I did a painting of it once. My mother has quite a collection of these beanies and I was surprised she let one go.

A large piece of chalk. I've had it for maybe 10 years?  I tend to use dry erase boards these days, but still love chalk. I didn't realize how phallic it looked until I posted it. 

Nigel Tufnel day was the day before. I remember seeing Spinal Tap with my older brothers on VHS, I think, not too long after it came out, or on HBO. Had a super huge crush on Christopher Guest. This drawing didn't get a huge response, think I could have drawn a more likeness with the eyes, maybe. But what's wrong with being sexy?

I love xacto knives. I bought this one because it was kind of cute, but it is clumsy as all heck to use. Terrible design, don't mess with the O.G.

Monday, November 14, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

A loon feather. I found this on the beach in Yakutat, AK. I used to work on a dock and I really like to watch the seabirds, most.

Dia De Meurtas. Celebrated Nov.1-2. The catrina.

I like the shape of this boxed wine and I thought all the text would be fun to draw. By the time I reached the 7th reason, I was over it and I didn't want to buy this wine anymore. I don't care for the advertising tactic and what's wrong with corked wine? 

Cock and Bull ginger beer. Great bottle design and yummy! Makes a delicious dark and stormy ( just add spiced rum). 

A swiveling, multi head outlet. I own lots of these.

Just a little reminder.

I still buy boxed wine and I thought I would design my own box. I may make a tshirt design out of this one.

Monday, November 7, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

It's the final week of October. I really like to draw icky, creepy and weird stuff. Can't wait for next week. Happy Fall!!
Skull hanging on rearview window in my car. It  has red eyes and I cut bangs in it's hair. It's been hanging their for  8 years or so.

Slime goo. It's fun to draw.

Candy corn row.

Creepy clear mask. I have a box of gags and props that I use in my photo shoots.

Jack O' Lantern face.

Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice.  It was Winona's birthday the previous day.

The Crimson Ghost. It was a serial movie from the 40's. The Misfits "borrowed" his image for their iconic skull logo.