Monday, August 29, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

Bubbie's pickles. The best.

Superthrive. My buddy, Kendall, works at a nursery and swears by this stuff. My plants have been needing help so I tried the Superthrive. I think they were beyond repair. But the bottle is supercool. Kind of a Dr. Bronner's kind of thing.

The Po Po. A matchbox car I found while cleaning a condo. It had cool square light on top.

An Ankylosaurus sans head. I found this while walking Toby on our morning walk.

Army dude. Another lil' object I found while cleaning.

I bought a gangload of these plastic heads and dolls at Mega Thrift.  I don't really like dolls but they weird and cheap and lots of fun to draw.

See above. This one came in its original package with feet and arms. It said 'Funny animal Head".  I like the freckles.

Monday, August 22, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up

Fish sauce! This stuff smells as putrid as it tastes straight.  

Squeezy lime! No, it doesn't replace the real thing, but times are tough. Reminds me of my parents vodka tonics.

Secret stash of sweets in the house.  Love sour stuff and the lil' lemon head dude is cool.

Found this in Mega Thrift. I think it's made out of  salt. Apparently, this was a big tourist token in the 80's, from ski resorts. Anything to do with snow, I like.

Watched the Muppet Movie the other night.  One of my favorites. I wanted to be a muppet when I was a kid. 

Another find in Mega Thrift. This guy is super heavy and spray painted all green and orange. The checkout lady had to hold up everything I bought and comment. This got her and the lady behind me going on about Roswell and I quietly exited.

I like office supplies and this jumbo roll of scotch tape was looking mighty good that morning.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up

vintage clown head found in the craft section of mega-thrift. $.50.  i don't care so much  for old doll heads, but i keep finding them and buying them.

pocketknife found in condo i was cleaning.  i like knives, except i cut myself on sharp objects. a lot.

clown head's hands. i think i like these better.

the bumble from rudolph the red nosed reindeer. one of my most absolute favorites! i  wish i could live in that winter wonderland. i love snow.

had some bling on my mind. i have a diamond tattoo and i wanted to make a diamond pattern. kinda turned out abstract, geometric like.

cute lil' tabasco bottle. 

beer on my mind. it came out rather phallic.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up

MTV's 30th anniversary. Video killed the radio star.

Fish pen I found. A minnow? It doesn't look to stoked to be a pen.

Public Enemy on the radio.

Shot glass I found in condo I was cleaning. Found in a bed. Probably a canuck.

Jumbo dice. I did not roll a snake eyes. It just sounded cool at the moment.

Very hot out. Wish I would see more of this and more rain.

I made a marshmallow man. I have been thinking of snow. And marshmallow art.