Saturday, December 24, 2011

paper world.

This is my 3rd addition to paper world. I think I'm addicted. This project reminds me of the old stop motion holiday specials, especially the one with the Bumble and the Island of Misfit Toys. I loved, loved, loved them as a kid. I always wanted to crawl into those worlds. I felt like I could have fit into the space and hang out with all the characters. There was something intimate about it. Anyways, next project....stop motion?
Buddha hotei. Again, an old print laying around, just waiting to be placed in a paper world.

This time, I thought oragami flowers might be suiting for the background. I have never done oragami, so yay for online tutorials!

My first folds. Liking it already. The paper  is quite heavy, so I spent some time wrestling with it. I don't think  you are supposed to fight with your paper while practicing oragami. I also don't think Buddha would approve of me cursing through this ancient tradition.
So much fun! Really, it's quite enjoyable and in no time I made 3 little lotus blossoms.

Glory shot.

Behind the scenes.

I propped up the Buddha with a scrap of folded paper and fun tack.

Buddha standing.

I  propped up the flowers at different heights to give it a deeper, more varying 3d effect. Also, I stuck the "peace y'all" on the side of the largest blossom to appear as if the Buddha has a mystical thought bubble.

"Peace y'all."

Monday, December 19, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

These tri tools are from my rollerblading days. Yes, I admit it. I also recall leaving them on a street corner in San Franciso (my blades) for someone, anyone, to make them go away. These tools are actually quite handy.

Pasta shells. I like their shape and ridges. Who doesn't like pasta? Carb haters, I suppose..

Push pins, push pins, push pins! My walls look like they have been in a mini gun battle. I've drawn the push pin before, but not in this neat linear style.

A pencil sharpener, back to school style. My boyfriend owns this.

An chubby electrical cord. Super fun to draw. I would to explore drawing more twisty, turning things.

An idea for a t-shirt. A quilted pattern. Not quite sure about the execution, as I would like a re-do.

Ditto (see above) except that it's a knitted pattern.

I forgot this one last post. It was bound to happen. I eat these like candy. It's pretty gross.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

paper world.

A Nikon D-80 DSLR camera just fell into my hands (thanks, Lisa) and I'm super excited! I've been wanting to graduate from my point and shoot to try more studio photography, mostly for product taking. So, I set up a little paper world. I own a lot of paper and thought this would be a fun, quick project to make and give me a chance to fool around with picture taking.

This is an image taken from my daily doodles. I have a small collection of wind up toys and the hopping lederhosen is one of my favorites. I  screen printed a small run of this image and had a few extra prints laying around, so it got cut up and placed in the paper world.

A piece of gray paper from a large roll of was taped to the wall, draped over a table. I propped up the lederhosen with a bent piece of paper and cut out the mountains with some grey scraps. The scraps were all curled up and making me crazy trying to flatten them. So, what the heck. I flip flopped the scraps and they actually stood up quite well as they supported each other. Also, it created varied and sweet looking shadows.

Oh meine lederhosen!

Another an image taken from my daily doodles. These figurines belong to my friend, Cassie. I stayed with her in her tiny apartment in Seattle and one morning I came across these sweet figurines. I hope she didn't mind me rifling through her belongings.

More cutting.

The forest was created from strips of paper and then stuck to the surface with fun tac (see below). I thought about cutting images of real trees but decided to keep it simple. I quite like they way the strips lean to and fro.

Oh Deer!

Fun tac. This stuff is the bomb. It's bright blue and is used to stick things together. It's like scotch tape, but it isn't tape and it's squishy and again, it's bright blue. My mother used this stuff like mad. She taught kindergarten and I think it acted as her little helper. She may have even tried to stick a student's mouth shut with this stuff.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"daily dOOdle" weekly round-up.

 Usually I paint it black, but this time we went a little nuts on the kitchen table and other furnishings. Then I decided everything was too red, so I panted it over with black. The kitchen table is still red and looks rad.

I'm not sure what toy this is. Decepticon? But it was good and chunky and fun to draw. Another find at Kendall's house.

Thanksgiving day. At Ryan's parents' house and I came across this  cross stitch in Dad's Den. It seemed fitting for  the holidays.

This how I felt the day after. Another toy I found at Kendall's. I think it's Babe.

A pair of pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. They look a little bloated, kinda how I still was feeling.

A silver chinese fortune cookie. My mom gave this too me  for my birthday. Totally sweet with lots of  good fortunes on the inside.

Small glass containers full of spices. Fenugreek on the left and red pepper flakes on the right.