Saturday, August 18, 2012

derby name contest.

customized helmet
Well, I hope I'm not jumping the gun, here. I picked a name awhile ago, but I have been waiting to hear back from the registration committee whether it's a go or not. I think it could take awhile, so I would like to announce my derby name anyways, cuz I don't think it's been taken.....KRUSTY SKABZ. Yup, there were so many super funny, super clever, and super gross ones, it was a hard decision. But this one kept jumping out at me and I think it's quite suiting. I have two winners for the joint effort. Thank you to Emily Binard for the Krusty Scabs and to Leigh Munro for the spelling of Skabz. You will both get to pick something out of the Krusty Etsy shop of your liking. Thank you, everyone!!

list of 105 Krusty names

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